Magistrate Kani Hightower explains why she is the right choice to Publications

Kani Hightower (Democrat)

Why should you be elected to this position? “Summit County is important to me, and I know I can make a difference. I am fair, compassionate, and committed. As a lifelong area resident, I have witnessed the changes in our county, and the stress affecting our community. I have represented hundreds of clients, sometimes at the lowest point in their lives. I have seen children hurting and families struggling through financial and social hardship and mental health or chemical dependency. Domestic Relations Court has the potential to reach more residents than any other court, including children, parents, spouses, grandparents or custodians. It is time to recognize the current stressors facing our residents and begin to make a difference. “I am an Akron Municipal Court Magistrate, a lawyer, and a mother. I have been a wife, a law professor, and a public servant. I was born in Akron and grew up in Stow. I went to Kent State, then Akron Law, and I reside in Copley. I have practiced law in domestic relations, criminal, civil, juvenile, probate, and appellate courts across the state. I have been appointed by almost every judge in this county, on a non-partisan basis, to represent indigent and underprivileged clients and/or families. I have volunteered my time with felony drug court, the Juvenile Family Reunification through Recovery Court committees, the Akron Bar Association, and various non-profit, youth sports, and faith-based organizations. These experiences have given me the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to perform this job and make a difference.

“Finally, I have more years of domestic relations experience than my opponent, who is already a judge on this court. She has years left in her current term; yet, she is running for the other seat — on the same court. If she wins, then the governor would appoint someone to finish her current term, and that unknown person would not be chosen by the voters. I should be elected to this position because the voters of this county deserve to choose their next judge – one who is committed to them, committed to Summit County, and committed to making a difference. For these reasons, I believe that I am the right choice for Summit County Domestic Relations Judge.”

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